Civil Enforcement Services

The experienced professionals of Assets Management Ireland take pride in its specialised civil enforcement services for clients.

We believe in delivering exemplary enforcement and collection services to our clients that range from local authorities to government bodies and more.

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Commercial Forfeiture

Adhering to the strict rules of court orders and their execution, our experienced professionals conduct their duties diligently.

The law related to commercial forfeiture of tenancy involves complicated guidelines and with our specialised assistance, you can be assured of expert solutions.

Our tailored solutions ensure that both landlord and tenant arrive at a convenient resolution.

With our expert assistance, possession of the property can be secured peacefully without seeking the court’s support.

We will ensure all kinds of dedicated services for commercial forfeitures due to rent arrears within a specified time period.

Receiverships Liquidation

Offering customised solutions to clients in insolvency situations, we work with liquidators, receivers, businesses and individuals to acquire strategic results.

With our diverse knowledge and dedicated assistance, we advise companies who are considering receivership and liquidation.

Our specialised skills enable us to understand the complexities of corporate structuring and its laws.

We conduct thorough research on the structure and background of the company before assessing company assets, receiverships, liquidations and other options.

We conform to modern standards in cybersecurity, data protection and financial frauds with our services to ensure every client’s safety.

Trespasser Removal

Our professionals are constantly operating and aligning their duties with revenue commissioners of Ireland to ensure real-time assessment of tax management and revenue collection.

Our experienced professionals take care of unauthorised encampments on your property with efficient and hassle-free trespasser removal services.

We are aware of the current legislation and also understand the rules involved in handling trespassers and travellers.

Be it for any reason, trespassers on your land will be dealt with immediately by our team.

Generally, under the Common Law, we serve a notice to the trespassers.

If circumstances require court actions, our officers will instantly acquire a possession claim.

The entire eviction process will be handled by our officers, enabling a transparent and reliable service.

We can also assist you with security measures on your property to prevent further trespassing and squatting.

Peaceful Repossession Residential & Commercial

Our discreet and peaceful repossession services are customised for clients from both residential and commercial sectors.

There can be circumstances where commercial properties can be repossessed peacefully by landlords while residential properties will require court orders for possession.

With our certified enforcement officers, clients can rely on us for robust and trustworthy repossession services in Ireland.

We look into the client requirements on an immediate basis to solve their problems.

Without any reasonable force, our officers are capable of conducting peaceful repossession of the premises from the unknown people who have occupied them.

Horse and Animal Removal

If there are unauthorised horses or other animals grazing on your premises, we will take care of it diligently.

With our specialised bailiff services, you can expect thorough assistance with horse and animal removal services.

Our officers not only detain the animals on the premises but also inform relevant authorities for further actions.

We arrange for the horses and other animals to be removed from the premises to their owners.

During the process, we ensure that the horses and other animals are not harmed or injured.

Trusted by Ireland’s Leaders

We pride ourselves on been associated and able to deliver for such high quality companies and government bodies in Ireland to provide our asset recovery services.

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